Girls do not Like it in You

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There are many reasons to hate you: a terrible manner of dressing, lack of work, a complexion, an inflated conceit (choose any sin). But some things annoy incomparably more than others. And you do not notice this, you think that you are doing everything right and good. But then some time passes, and suddenly you find yourself lonely and unhappy piece of shit. We feel sorry for you, of course. And it is not immediately clear what you have done because we have a male brain, and it is very poorly equipped with a female. But do not be depressed! Lady chat online did a little research and found out what things the girl hates most, so you have all the trump cards to be the best guy ever!



Mentor’s Tone

Many men communicate with women as if they knew Zen and now, under the weight of this knowledge, they are forced to give advice and teach their girls. The roots of this attitude are very easy to follow: men often communicate with other men. They discuss work, politics, culture, history, and in more primitive companies – the last fight in the bar and easily accessible women. This gives the impression that men are the only driving force in the universe. And women just bake pies. If at the same age, experience and social status you allow yourself a mentoring tone, your girlfriend will quickly get bored with it and she will leave you. Teach others how to live only if you really have this moral right. But I bet you haven’t.

Irresponsible Attitude to Your Appearance and Health

Girls should be beautiful, with a pumped ass, healthy hair, and yet they should smell nice. We do not renounce it, and who even thinks otherwise? But beauty, if you did not know, it’s not exactly natural given – it’s a big work on yourself: hours in the gym, proper nutrition, cosmetics and the like. And when a girl who passes through all this hell sees that you are devouring burgers with frenzy, then she slowly becomes discouraged and angry. No, the man should not wander about beauty salons, but he must follow his health – it’s normal, logical and, most importantly, right.

Despite all that nonsense about love that she says to you, she wants you to look … cute. Not as overgrown with wool, smelly gorilla. And do not let this frighten you – it’s easy for men to watch their appearance. It is enough to follow the basic rules of hygiene, do not forget to attend a hairdresser, be a little more restrained in food and do a physical exercise a couple of times a week. Is it difficult? No. But you and your girlfriend will be happy!

Rough slang

No need to use rough slang in the presence of the women. Although sometimes there are situations that this is permissible. But you definitely do not ever talk about women rudely. If you try to depersonalize her, one day she will spit in your face and go to your former classmate, from whom you laughed and called him a nerd. Do you know why? Because he knows how to communicate with women and will never call them with a pejorative word. And you can go on boasting in the bar, how cool you are. Cool and lonely rough asshole. Wow.


Men who feel Insecurity in their own abilities scare women away. At first, she thinks that you are a real person of business, and then she begins to live with you and understands that there is no confidence in you. You constantly delay, postpone important decisions, you are afraid to jump above your head. Girls do not need it. And let the feminists say that they are independent, and they do not need men. We somehow know that our girlfriends cannot do without us, especially when it comes to real support.














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